Wednesday, June 15, 2011

SmartBoard 10 Games in Hebrew

Many of the new gallery games are able to be used in Hebrew, but only if you know a few tricks.  You can search the gallery for these games and follow the simple instructions to make them usable in Hebrew.
The following list of games can be used in Hebrew if you type the word you want to use in a textbox and then drag and drop the word into the text input box--you will then see it in the box as if you typed it in.  If you try to type directly in the box it will come up looking like this: ???????
The games that require drag and drop a text box are:
Vortex, Sentence Arrange, Category Sort, WordBiz (be sure you also drag and drop the list of letters needed for the game in the appropriate box), Key Word Match, Word Generator, Time Line Reveal, Checker Tool, Multiple Choice, Random Word Chooser, Question Flip, Question Tool, any image games just treat your textbox as an image!

In following blogs I will give ideas of how to use these games in Jewish Studies Classes to keep the students involved in the class and interested in reviewing their work!

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